Genggam Trailer



“2 years in the making. From script to pre to production to post. The long awaited collaborative effort to bring back the malay films industry in Singapore.

Genggam is a about a silat tradition that exists in the bloodline of 2 fathers and their son and daughter. Indra, the son of a former silat Champion, questioned the true meaning of silat. Overwhelmed by the dark politics revolving within his silat sect, he left the arena to lead an ordinary life. Little did he know that, Sitya Zulaika, whose father, had died in a silat competition, had sworn to seek revenge. Zulaikas pursuit was about to come to an end when she confronted Indra – the son of her fathers death angel. But was Indras father really the one?

This film hopes to be sent out to film festivals first before releasing to the public. Targeting the 2010 SIFF submissions in Jan.

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